Michelle Stephen

First Trimester Down!

This month went like a breeze! I can’t believe I’m in my second trimester already. I guess you feel safer when you reach 14 weeks. By now you know baby is in the right spot, and I’m sure you’ve had some tests done. Also, by this time for sure you have a little bump, or … Continue reading “First Trimester Down!”

Michelle Stephen

10 semanas

Embarazo, la cosa más hermosa y temible que una mujer tiene que pasar en su vida como madre. El 24 de diciembre del 2019. Ese es el dia que me aventuré y tomé tres pruebas de embarazo diferentes. ¡Todas fueron positivas! Estaba muy feliz de poder darle a mi esposo el mejor regalo de Navidad. En ese entonces no … Continue reading “10 semanas”

Michelle Stephen

10 Weeks

Pregnancy, the loveliest and scariest thing a woman has to endure in their life as a mother. On December 24, 2019. That’s the day I ventured and took three different pregnancy tests. They were all positive! I was so excited I could give my husband the best Christmas present. I wasn’t ready back then to … Continue reading “10 Weeks”


Pregnancy & Exercise?

To exercise or not to exercise, that is the question! Mama, just about all women can and should be physically active throughout pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy is safe and often recommended although some modification to your workouts may be needed due to natural anatomic and physiologic changes and your baby’s fetal requirements. What Does ACOG … Continue reading “Pregnancy & Exercise?”

Sarah L. Hosker

Mama, Are You Prepared For a Disaster?

Someone once said “Preparedness is the calm before, during and after the storm.” That being said, Mama, are you prepared? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides the following tips to help your prepare for an emergency… Remember Mama, “Always be prepared, expect the unexpected.”


What’s Food Got To Do With It?

Have you ever sat down and really thought about the role good nutrition plays during pregnancy and while breastfeeding? The growth of your baby in utero will influence the rest of his or her life. The focus on your nutrition is not only vital for your expected baby but will also help provide the extra … Continue reading “What’s Food Got To Do With It?”


Mama’s New Year…

2019 Is finally here… Can you believe it’s the new year? As I begin 2019, I’ve decided I need to make some changes (some people call these “resolutions”)! But where do I begin? I have read & screenshotted about a MILLION ideas on Instagram about how to start off the new year right. But what … Continue reading “Mama’s New Year…”

Nicola Swanson

There’s More to Pregnancy Than You Think

For the past ten years, my life has unexpectedly been focused on pregnancy information. Every aspect of pregnancy has now become my new normal. Gathering, researching, listening and constantly searching for answers. I am the aunt of a stillborn baby girl who was taken away too soon from an umbilical cord accident and she will … Continue reading “There’s More to Pregnancy Than You Think”