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2019 Is finally here…

Can you believe it’s the new year? As I begin 2019, I’ve decided I need to make some changes (some people call these “resolutions”)! But where do I begin? I have read & screenshotted about a MILLION ideas on Instagram about how to start off the new year right. But what is actually right for me? Seriously, what is a realistic and sustaining change a mom like me can do?

Ta Da…these are my top five ideas for 2019! And I am ONLY choosing ONE (for now)…remember I did say realistic and sustaining!

  1. Self-Care – is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” First of all, I seem to encounter stress on a daily basis #MomLife. I believe self-care includes bubble baths…that sounds like something I could sustain!
  2. Solo Coffee Dates (sans babies) – you had me at solo…Amen!
  3. Run a marathon – that was a joke, just making sure you’re paying attention! Ha…I’ll stick with trying to squeeze (emphasis on trying) some sort of 30 minutes of cardio a day!
  4. Meditate– this is the elusive goal for every new year…every time I try this, I fall asleep. Oy!
  5. Journaling– supposedly reduces stress & anxiety! Umm…interesting idea.

After careful consideration…I’ve decided what I need most is to take some time for myself, away from the house and the distractions (laundry, putting toys away, organizing all the closets in the house…you get my drift) & enjoy weekly solo coffee dates.

Solo Coffee Dates – that means I need NannyPod! I love their easy to use app…Seriously, I can check the availability of their fully background checked babysitters & nannies 24/7! YES!

And just like that, I booked a babysitter with my Nannypod app and I am one step closer towards my one change of 2019! Now I have to decide where to enjoy my first Solo Coffee Date! Any suggestions?

My advice to all the Mamas out there is find you’re ONE change for the new year and “Just Start Today, Right Where You Are!” #YouGotThis

My 2019 Mantra…

wise words by Rita Moreno!

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