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welcome to Project Alive & Kicking (PAK), My Empowered Pregnancy, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizationWe welcome you to Project Alive & Kicking (PAK), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to empowering expectant moms by educating them about pregnancy conditions and maintenance, fostering an awareness of their babies’ daily fetal movements, and giving each expected baby the best chance to come into the world alive and kicking.

After learning that 26,000 babies in our country are stillborn every year, our mission became to help expectant moms become proactive about their pregnancies with prenatal knowledge and a newfound awareness. In 2012 PAK became a reality. We realized that with so many new and exciting changes taking place in your body from week to week, it’s important to keep track of the most important ones. Your pregnancy journey involves time, care, knowledge and determination. Becoming your baby’s guardian from the start of your first trimester to the end of your third is all about understanding yourself, your baby and every step of your shared journey.

Project Alive & Kicking Team

PAK constantly stays on top of the latest pregnancy research, trends and groundbreaking news. Please follow our social media sites for all things PAK!

In 2015 The Huffington Post selected ten causes they believe will define the next decade. One of them was: “Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality by Investing in Health Infrastructure” and PAK was honored to be chosen for their The Next Ten campaign as a charity that will take us into the future! PAK is also listed as a stillbirth resource on the CDC’s website.

We love to hear from our moms! If our information has helped and supported you and your baby in your pregnancy journey, please email us at info@projectaliveandkicking.org.