My Empowered Pregnancy TM

Definition of My Empowered Pregnancy
: relating to me or myself, having the knowledge, ability and confidence to do things and make decisions while in the condition of being pregnant

Introducing PAK’s Mobile App
ME Preg 

Pregnancy 101 – Don’t forget to begin movement counting at Week 28, with ME Preg’s My Baby Movement Tracker.

ME Preg will help you manage your pregnancy from day one. You can check off pregnancy highlights, capture daily bump photos, schedule appointments, browse the latest pregnancy info, meditate and track your baby’s daily movements all in one place. ME Preg will be your ultimate pregnancy guide for an expectant mom on the go!

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What We Do

We work with expectant mothers and healthcare providers to achieve healthier and safer pregnancies. PAK provides you and your health care team with the proactive tools and essential information that you can use together for the best care during your pregnancy.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower expectant mothers by sharing information and educational materials about healthy pregnancies, fostering an awareness of daily fetal movements, and guiding them with the actions they can take to help their babies come into the world thriving, alive and kicking.



Our Focus

Our Focus

PAK is always working towards healthy and safe pregnancy outcomes for expectant mothers and their babies. That’s why we partner with health care providers ~ so that YOU and YOUR BABY receive the best care, experience and outcome possible!


Our Approach

Our Approach

PAK provides free tools and vital information to guide you through your pregnancy journey. We partner with health care providers, hospitals and the local community to strengthen quality of care.

Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments

PAK created our very first mobile app ME Preg, the ultimate guide for an expectant mom on the go! It’s amazing and you can download it right now.


What Our Moms Say

Pregnancy Statistics


It's a fact that 26,000 babies are stillborn every year in the USA.


Only 5% of moms deliver on their actual due dates.


In the USA, 1200 moms experience complications during pregnancy or childbirth that prove fatal every year, and 60,000 moms will endure complications that are near fatal.