Our Goals

  • 2020 marked the start of our bold Five-Year Strategic Plan to expand PAK’s programs and services, and fulfill our vision to give expectant mothers and their babies the best chance for a healthy delivery.
  • Introduce ME Preg our new pregnancy mobile app to all expectant moms! ME Preg  is designed to help guide expectant mothers through their pregnancy.
  • PAK is currently focusing on collaborations with public health agencies, hospitals, and clinics to make ME Preg available as a free resource to expectant mothers and patients.
  • While ME Preg is currently available in English, PAK is interested in expanding the app and its educational materials into multiple languages and making them available as a resource for women internationally.
  • Continue to solicit funding through grants, donors, corporations and events for PAK’s pregnancy campaign.
  • Grow Baby Grow – PAK is always looking for new volunteers, professional advisors and potential board members who can help us empower expectant moms on their pregnancy journeys.