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Nicola Swanson, President & Co-founder of PAK, shares her HONEST highlights of each trimester of her pregnancies…

My First Trimester Highlights…

The first ultrasound – so exciting to see the baby and hear the heartbeat.

Week 12 – Get ready for LOTS of blood drawn for blood work.

My Second Trimester Highlights…

Man my belly is getting BIG! I always hated when people asked if I was ready to deliver because I looked so big – or if I was having twins – no and no – I still have 15 weeks to go. But thanks.

My Third Trimester Highlights…

All I have to say is Group B Strep Test!!! Nothing like a little butt swab! Haha

but nesting – so fun and relaxing.

Waiting for the unknown – gender reveal at delivery!

What are your honesties about your pregnancies? I’d love to know!

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