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On the Last Leg of My Pregnancy!

As I’m sitting here trying not to pee my pants every time baby moves and pushes my bladder, I’m feeling so thankful, and my heart is full. I’m 34 weeks pregnant! Yay! Every day after today is new to me!

Definitely now you can tell how my belly gets bigger by the day, and as well as the need to go pee more often. But, hey, seriously, I’m not complaining at all!

Quick Recap

I’ve been getting my progesterone shots weekly since week 16, and I have 3 doses left! One for week 34, one for week 35, and the last one for week 36. Now more than ever I’m trusting the medication, and hopefully we’ll make it to term (knocking on wood!). My first born was born premature at 33 weeks, hence the progesterone treatment. We’re still trying to figure out these pandemic times, and social distancing has become part of our lives by now. My bile acids and my liver function test have stayed within normal ranges, so no Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy so far. I’ve had had symptoms, tho, so there’s no guarantee it won’t come back in the following weeks (knocking on wood once more!).

Ultrasound Day and ECV

I had an ultrasound at exactly 32 weeks. Off we go as a family to the hospital. We were so hopeful when they checked all of our temperatures, just to realise they’d only let myself in the ultrasound room. This ultrasound was recommended by both the MFM and my OBGYN since Robbie was born premature. Everything seemed fine during the visit, as far as I could tell; you know how the technicians aren’t allowed to tell you much, which can be nerve wrecking. They allowed me to video call my husband and son. It was really nice! We saw baby’s face and heard his heartbeat “together”. Also, we found out baby wasn’t yet in birth position. However, baby isn’t considered breech until 36 weeks. So, I have hope! (knock on wood again!).

I saw my OBGYN that same week, and she confirmed baby was in the 69 percentile, and my fundal height measured 31 weeks. We also talked about performing an External Cephalic Version (ECV) at 36 weeks if baby is stubborn and hasn’t positioned himself for a vaginal birth. I’m not sure about wanting to try ECV, especially when they tell you there’s no guarantee baby will go back to the previous position after the procedure. Maybe I’d do it if I knew I was going to give birth right after. But, hey, there’s a reason C-sections exist, and I won’t be the first one, nor the last one getting one if that’s what needs to happen.

Weaning my Oldest

My son Robbie turned 3 in March, and he was breastfed. Our breastfeeding journey was great, and I always thought it was going to be up to him when we’d stop. When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I thought about weaning him the following cycle of the month I actually got pregnant, in case we hadn’t been successful. So, there I was, pregnant, and thinking, oh, OK, I’ll just stop when I reach the first trimester… the second trimester… the third trimester… in my head it became harder and harder to do so. Robbie’s pediatrician had suggested we stop our journey before baby arrived, since maybe it was going to be harder for Robbie; that he was going to feel left out. We finally did it! It wasn’t tough at all, super emotional, yes, lots of crying (from my part), of course! Robbie seemed to understand and accept the fact that boobies are for his little brother. I successfully breastfed him for 1231 days!

Going to Labor during a Pandemic

I asked my doctor about delivery day and COVID-19 restrictions in Chicago. She said that at the moment I was allowed to bring one support person in with me, and if that person goes in and leaves before I’m discharged, they won’t be allowed back in the hospital. We need to figure out what we’d do about Robbie. We’ve been pretty much social distancing since March. My mother can’t travel from Mexico due to the pandemic, and my in-laws live in Michigan. It’ll be tough when the day comes, and logistics will be hard, but I trust we’re going to get the help we need with care for Robbie while I’m at the hospital. Have you given birth recently? How was your experience?

Besides, what the heck goes in a hospital bag? I never got to put one together when I was pregnant with Robbie, so I have zero experience! When I gave birth to Robbie I had to ask my brother in law, Charlie, to come home and find some pieces of clothing, make up bag, some clothes for Robbie from a carryon bag where I had left his clean clothes, my hair brush, and toothbrush. It was hectic! 

This time around I want to put one together, so tell me what the essentials are according to your experience, please! 

See you, hopefully, at 37 weeks! (knocking on wood for the last time!) Michelle

Author: Michelle Stephen

Michelle is a Mexican mom of a preemie little monster, Robbie. She is married to her best friend, Robert. They are so happy to be welcoming a little one to their family this summer! Michelle is a plant hoarder, baker, love maker, worrier. Michelle is also a volunteer for ICP Care and for Chicago Public Library. Michelle and her family live in Chicago. Follow Michelle on Instagram @monstruitomom & visit Michelle's blog at

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  1. Wow! Way to go breastfeeding for that long. I know it’s hard to let go no matter when you wean 💕 I was surprised how emotional I was with my first!! Can’t wait for the next update 🙏🏻

  2. You rock beautiful mama. So glad you documented your way through this pregnancy. So many readers are being blessed and inspired by it. Well wishes to you and baby as the arrival day nears.

  3. I honestly don’t pack a lot since the hospital has everything, but anything to make you more comfortable. My essentials are comfy pjs for your stay after baby, clothes for baby, basic makeup essentials, basic toiletries like face wash, moisturizer, deodorant and your toothbrush. And of course a phone charger ❤️

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