Sarah L. Hosker

Why Nutrition Is So Important

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? Now is the time to sit down and really think about the role good nutrition plays during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The growth of your baby in utero will influence the rest of his or her life. The focus on your nutrition is not only vital for your expected … Continue reading “Why Nutrition Is So Important”

Sarah L. Hosker

Are You Planning to Become Pregnant?

If you are planning to become pregnant and are able to plan ahead of time, consider the following suggestions: Change Your Diet Make Exercise a Regular HabitSmile & Visit the Dentist Start Taking a Prenatal Vitamin Research suggests that a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid taken just six months prior to conception can be beneficial … Continue reading “Are You Planning to Become Pregnant?”

Sarah L. Hosker

Wow, you are now halfway through your pregnancy!

As you enter into week 20, you may start to feel your baby move as his or her tiny limbs are now nicely defined and freely in motion. Your baby’s first little movements, those flutters, are also known as quickening. This is a very important milestone. Make sure you jot this exciting achievement down and … Continue reading “Wow, you are now halfway through your pregnancy!”

Sarah L. Hosker

What is Stillbirth

Did you know October is SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month? In the United States Stillbirth refers to the loss of a baby of twenty or more weeks gestation. Stillbirth is not a cause of death but rather a term indicating a baby has died in utero. The universal definition of when a loss … Continue reading “What is Stillbirth”

Sarah L. Hosker

Let’s Talk About Preeclampsia

One condition to watch for is “Preeclampsia” which affects about five percent of pregnant women. Preeclampsia has risen by twenty-five percent over the last twenty years and is a major source of maternal and infant illness and death. Preeclampsia may occur during the last half of pregnancy and also during the postpartum period. This condition … Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Preeclampsia”

Sarah L. Hosker

Baby is the Size of a Green Zucchini at Week 19

It’s week 19 of your pregnancy adventure and this week your baby may now be sucking a tiny thumb, shifting a little head or creating other diminutive movements that you may begin to sense. Your voice, speaking, humming and crooning, is the most pronounced sound your baby is now hearing…how sweet is that? Little kidneys … Continue reading “Baby is the Size of a Green Zucchini at Week 19”


From Me to Pregnancy…Adventures & Jet Lag

Hiya friends…I’m finally back on this side of pond from my preconception babymoon! What an adventure I had in the UK. Yes, the UK…it was brilliant! It was truly a dream come true! This trip was everything I needed to get ready for my next big adventure = PREGNANCY! I enjoyed some last minute pre-pregnancy … Continue reading “From Me to Pregnancy…Adventures & Jet Lag”

Sarah L. Hosker

Recheck Estimated Placental Volume (EPV)

As you continue on week 18 of your pregnancy journey, EPV will be calculated between now and Week 20. This will ensure the placenta is the correct size to nourish your baby adequately. Please refer back to Week 7 for specific information regarding this very important estimation for your baby. You may download the EPV … Continue reading “Recheck Estimated Placental Volume (EPV)”