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As you continue on week 18 of your pregnancy journey, EPV will be calculated between now and Week 20. This will ensure the placenta is the correct size to nourish your baby adequately. Please refer back to Week 7 for specific information regarding this very important estimation for your baby.

You may download the EPV ResearchKit app, designed by Dr. Kliman and available from the iTunes Store to your iPhone or iPad.


If your healthcare team is concerned about any aspect of your pregnancy and performs an ultrasound at any other time during your pregnancy, please ask the team to repeat the EPV measurement again at that time. REMEMBER…your knowledge is your power during your pregnancy journey!

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Sarah Hosker is a paralegal in Chicago, Illinois. Her interest in raising pregnancy awareness sparked when, in the summer of 2009, she learned of the passing of her niece less than a month before her due date. Together with friends and family, she Co-founded Project Alive & Kicking (PAK). Sarah is committed to volunteer work in the community and is an active member of at St. Teresa of Avila Parish. She also enjoys traveling, beachcombing, antiquing, visiting museums, photography, following the English Premier League and is a fan of the University of Georgia (UGA) football team. Sarah lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, Ali.

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