Thrive Baby Thrive

Week 39

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You are now thirty-nine weeks pregnant and your baby’s chest is becoming increasingly dominant. The testes continue descending into the scrotum for boys. The placenta is hard at work furnishing your baby with antibodies which will assist him or her in combating infections following delivery. Breast-feeding your baby will also supply added antibodies in your milk to increase your baby’s immunity.

Movements may or may not become less defined as specific punches and kicks, they can feel more like twirls, twists, jabs and jiggles. However, please be sure to pay close attention to these movements and always trust your instinct. Continue movement counting ideally three times a day. Your baby’s movements and heart rate will basically stay the same now until delivery day. Keep in mind that you are looking for anything different from your baby’s usual and normal routine. If a variation is noticed, call your health care team and make a quick trip to L&D or the ER to make sure your baby is well.