Thrive Baby Thrive

Week 32

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You are now in your 32nd week and your baby’s little toenails can be seen! Your baby is busily working on breathing, sucking and swallowing for delivery day, even though his or her tiny lungs are not yet fully developed. Iron and calcium are just two of the essential minerals your baby is now starting to take in and utilize via the intestinal tract. Since your baby began regulating his or her body temperature last week, insulating silky velvety hair, lanugo, is now beginning to disappear. Your baby’s skin has lost its translucency and is beginning to look more like yours.

Your baby is measuring about 11½ inches long, about the length of a crisp stalk of celery, and weighing about 3¾–4 pounds.

Your Baby’s Movements and Heart Rate

Your baby’s movements and heart rate will basically stay the same during the last trimester of your pregnancy. All moms need to continue being their baby’s guardian up until delivery day. Make sure you continue with movement counting ideally three times a day. Remember, a change in your baby’s movements such as speeding up or slowing down, or changes in sleep-wake cycles could be a sign that your baby is not well. Dr. Collins advocates an ultrasound be done if decreased fetal movements are noted for a day. Call your doctor, midwife, or health care team with any questions or concerns. If you are unable to reach them go to L&D or the nearest ER to check on your baby. Always trust your instincts.