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Friends…first of all I still have a lot to learn about pregnancy! Second of all there are lots questions out there that I need to discuss with my significant other.

Last night while we watched the Simones go for gold…we hashed out our own set of trials and tribulations about parenting!

We definitely know NOW is the right time for us to have a baby, but last night these were our top five parenting topics:

1. Religion – I’m religious and he’s not.

2. Finances – Am I going to stay home with the baby, are we getting a nanny or will the baby be going to daycare?

3. Location, Location, Location – Are we going to stay in the city or move to the burbs?

4. What’s in a name? OMG everything! I like nontraditional names like Esme or Fife…he likes Mary and Joseph, seriously!

5. Chores – Changing diapers (He’s never done it), bath time, bed time…just to name a few!

There were a lot of other topics discussed, but we agreed on those effortlessly. In the end I feel like we all one gold last night…especially if her name is Esme!


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