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Did you know an incompetent cervix, also called cervical insufficiency, or CI, is a condition of pregnancy that occurs when the expectant mother’s cervical tissue is weakened to such a degree that it may lead to an unexpected pregnancy loss?

This may be due to a previous childbirth, cervical trauma such as a broad cervical conization (cervical biopsy), various abnormalities and irregularities of the uterus, the possible exposure to the synthetic estrogen Diethylstilbestrol (DES), or there may be no defining cause.

CI can cause or contribute to premature birth, and in many cases, the loss of an otherwise robust pregnancy. While CI occurs in only one out of 100 pregnancies, the condition is responsible for approximately 25 percent of losses in the second trimester.

To learn more about CI, please visit Week 15 of My Empowered Pregnancy.

Author: Sarah L. Hosker

Sarah Hosker is a paralegal in Chicago, Illinois. Her interest in raising pregnancy awareness sparked when, in the summer of 2009, she learned of the passing of her niece less than a month before her due date. Together with friends and family, she Co-founded Project Alive & Kicking (PAK). Sarah is committed to volunteer work in the community and is an active member of at St. Teresa of Avila Parish. She also enjoys traveling, beachcombing, antiquing, visiting museums, photography, following the English Premier League and is a fan of the University of Georgia (UGA) football team. Sarah lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, Ali.

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