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Hi friends…let me tell you what I have been up to this week: fertility tracking. Yes this is a thing and of course there is an app. Well actually there are quite a few apps…some are free and some are not!

I went with the free ones to try for now and here are my two favs:

My first fav is Period Tracker (Fertility & Ovulation tracker and Period Calendar)…it has pretty good reviews and 4.5 out of FIVE stars! I like that!

This app keeps me organized and even tracks my moods…today’s mood is refreshed! FYI…I’ve been getting up early and enjoying my morning (decaf) coffee while walking our dog…let’s just say I am feeling great and refreshed!

My second fav is Ovia…it has FIVE star reviews. It is super easy to use! I love the graphics and the fertility score…it makes tracking fun! Today I am a SIX!

PS…Ovia has yummy recipes, TTC (Trying To Conceive) tips and even tracks the steps I take (I get about an extra 3,500 steps from my morning (decaf) coffee dog walks) (BIG SMILE)

As with any of these apps there are always issues…so if you’re looking for a fertility app, do your research and go with what you’re comfortable with.

Well, I am off to the drugstore to buy a basal thermometer…I have to start tracking my BBT (Basal Body Temperature) for my new fertility apps!


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