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As you are counting the weeks up to delivery day, why not capture this special moment? With the help of EXPECTING M.O.M.S. you can cast your pregnant belly while anxiously waiting your baby’s arrival. Just pick your favorite gestational week, cast your bump and enjoy a unique and one of a kind keepsake long after your baby is safely in your arms.

Our friend, Stacey, a stay at home mom owns We love what Stacey is doing: “I am trying to reach out to as many expecting moms that I can to let them know about the product that I sell. It’s called a Pregnancy Casting Kit and it is fun, easy and affordable. It comes with all the material to make a casting of your pregnant belly and more, plus a shirt with a design of your choice to decorate your casting when it’s finished. This is a great way to capture that special memory of pregnancy for a lifetime. So, why wait, go to and order yours today.”

WOW…what a wonderful way to capture your pregnancy journey with a lovely cast of your beautiful bump!

Author: Sarah L. Hosker

Sarah Hosker is a paralegal in Chicago, Illinois. Her interest in raising pregnancy awareness sparked when, in the summer of 2009, she learned of the passing of her niece less than a month before her due date. Together with friends and family, she Co-founded Project Alive & Kicking (PAK). Sarah is committed to volunteer work in the community and is an active member of at St. Teresa of Avila Parish. She also enjoys traveling, beachcombing, antiquing, visiting museums, photography, following the English Premier League and is a fan of the University of Georgia (UGA) football team. Sarah lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, Ali.

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