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26 Weeks

Entering week 24 was such a relief! If you’ve had a premature birth I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. A baby born at 24 weeks or more would have doctors do whatever they can to save their life. Now I’m 26 weeks, and I’m feeling strong. Feeling my baby move every day definitely makes me stronger.

Pandemic times

Coronavirus is a part of all our lives by now. You kind of learn to live with the idea of a virus, but kind of try to ignore it at times to stay sane. Sheltering at home, and keeping our distance from people are part of our daily routines. Being pregnant puts me at risk, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re diligent with disinfecting and staying home. I won’t lie and say all of this hasn’t affected my mood and my motivation, but staying healthy is a priority, and keeping our son healthy, and of course, my husband, as well. There’s uncertainty about income, long term plans, and now, even my baby’s birth. The other day over the phone my mother in law asked if we knew if her son was going to be allowed in the delivery room; and although soon to know, it made me think about it. We don’t know as of now what will happen, and how the virus will evolve by then. 

Weekly progesterone shots

This week marks the 10th week of my progesterone treatment. It would be great if we could just do the progesterone shots at home to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus. There are federal regulations that don’t let clinics delegate their liability to the patients. My OBGYN confirmed it during my last Telehealth appointment that getting the shots done at home would not be happening. I guess by now I’m used to the routine of getting up early, prepping something quick to eat, and heading out with my husband and my son. I take the sanitizer with me, and my mask, and I go inside the clinic to get my shot done by a medical assistant. Last week I went ahead and took a video of my experience.

My arms are bruised, and they get itchy, but I’d take anything on them to keep my baby in the womb until full term. A couple weeks ago when I got one of my shots, the assistant told me I was going to let my baby know what I had to go through for him. I might tell him a couple of times, to be honest (haha!).

Telehealth appointment

I had my latest check up over the phone again. My OBGYN has a great attitude, and she makes me feel secure even when we don’t have an on-site appointment. We talked about how I’ve been feeling, and about my ultrasound. Thanks heavens the ultrasound showed everything normal and as expected. Pretty reassuring to hear it! Baby boy is growing well, and everything is where it should be. 

I also received the next day, when I went to the clinic to get my shot, an outline of all future appointments for the rest of my pregnancy. On week 28 I’ll be going to the clinic for my appointment with my doctor, and my glucose test is due, so I’ll be telling you all about it on my next blog post. I remember it wasn’t too bad when I was pregnant with Robbie.

Self-care and cravings

Is there a belly lotion you recommend? I just started using this belly oil which is just a blend of different oils that help revitalize the skin during pregnancy. I think it works well, and my skin feels good, but my clothes get too oily. Keeping the belly skin hydrated is definitely something you should consider doing as soon as you know you’re pregnant. 

Satisfying those cravings are also a part of taking care of yourself. I remember thinking pregnancy cravings weren’t real. Eating tons of bananas in a day definitely makes it real. This pregnancy I’ve been switching from salty to sweet cravings, being my latest those Mexican conchas (a sweet pastry). Anything to avoid having a baby with a face resembling a craving you didn’t fulfil, right? In Mexico people say that your baby will have e.g. an ice cream cone shaped face if you don’t eat that ice cream cone you’re craving. It’s crazy, but fun to think about.

Have you had the famous glucose test done during this pregnancy, or previous ones? What do you think about it? I think they should definitely add some bubbles! 

Are there any funny pregnancy old wives tales you’ve heard that people from your culture or background pass around?

I hope everything is going well for you, and your loved ones. Stay healthy, stay home. Michelle

Author: Michelle Stephen

Michelle is a Mexican mom of a preemie little monster, Robbie. She is married to her best friend, Robert. They are so happy to be welcoming a little one to their family this summer! Michelle is a plant hoarder, baker, love maker, worrier. Michelle is also a volunteer for ICP Care and for Chicago Public Library. Michelle and her family live in Chicago. Follow Michelle on Instagram @monstruitomom & visit Michelle's blog at

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  1. So glad your feeling good at this point ! I was also pregnant during the pandemic, so the telemedicine appointments I’m familiar with. Sending love and light your way !

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