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It’s time…after years of debating…Lemon (that’s me) has decided it is time.

Time to think about getting pregnant…

Now what…what’s next? Do I call my mum? Do I call a doctor? I guess I should “google” it. Surely someone in my situation, a healthy 30-something woman has asked about this same topic…so I search “getting pregnant.”

THERE ARE “About 8,980,000 results” WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!

Where do I begin?
I have decided it is time to start planning…the powers that be recommend the following:

Consider changing your diet and exercise routine.

Looks like I will be enjoining more of these…

and less of these…

Also, I will need to start taking a prenatal vitamin…

Did you know research suggests that a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid taken just six months prior to conception can be beneficial for a soon-to-be growing baby?

I guess it’s time to get myself in ideal physical shape so I can create the healthiest environment for my baby. I will start with these “baby” steps! I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

xox ~ Lemon

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