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Boss Babes: Passionate Ladies in Action

Boss Babe - Nicola SwansonThis boss babe tops our list because she’s doing something spectacular that you don’t hear much about, but really should. Charleston local Nicky Swanson’s foundation Project Alive & Kicking (PAK) was born in 2012 (as was my daughter, coincidentally) and nails the bulls-eye of my heart, as I delivered my goose (as she’s lovingly known to us) roughly 2 months premature as a result of a thick septum running smack through the center of my uterus. I can tell you story upon story of the smattering of questions I peppered doctors with because I just knew something was wrong. But until my emergency Cesarean not-a-one found that my poor peanut only had access to only half her womb, and I was brushed off casually at every turn. Had I known about PAK, it would have changed everything.

Project Alive & Kicking is an extraordinary resource for expectant mothers to become masters of their own pregnancies. PAK’s mission is to empower mothers by providing education about possible signs of fetal distress and the action they can take to help their babies enter the world alive, kicking and thriving. Backed by a board of doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers and others with vast knowledge in its subject matter, PAK’s goal is to encourage mamas to be well informed about gestational guidelines during her forty week journey. This includes training mamas to be proactive, resourceful and comfortable working with her health care providers.

For all you mamas out there (and papas too!) this is your call to action. PAK is hosting a Lowcountry Boil to serve as their very first fundraising event. Help support this outstanding cause by throwing your hat in the ring. There are sponsorship opportunities of all shapes and sizes and every little bit helps. Why sponsor? If I haven’t convinced you already what a much needed and greatly underestimated cause this is, keep in mind that it’s tax deductible.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Not only do you have nothing to lose, I’ve just given you something to gain!

A Lowcountry Boil, Baby!
April 2
Harborside East
$30 (includes food)

PAK is in need of sponsors by January 31st! Sponsor packages include Platinum, Golden, Silver, Bronze and Pak Pals (ranging from $500 – $5,000) but that’s not all! Sponsorship’s are available in all sizes including swag bags, auction items, desserts, sodas, water bottles, juice and more. Sponsor tables are also available with a donation of $125. There really is something for every budget.

Interested? Email Nicky at and she will be in touch. We’d love to have you join us as we champion this incredible cause. We’ll see you in April!

With MUCH Gratitude,

– H & N

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