Move Baby Move

Week 24

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Your baby’s balance is regulated by the inner ear which has now matured. A new sense of balance may now be realized by your baby this week and your baby may know if he or she is heads up or heads down. As your baby becomes increasingly more energetic, you will begin to see a pattern of baby’s slumber and wake cycles developing. Remember, to keep track of your baby’s movements and patterns in your journal, noting any increase, decrease or change in activity. Your baby’s movements fuel muscle development, encourage joint mobility and fortify tiny bones.

Your baby’s little face is nearly finished developing in preparation for delivery day. The head now has actual hair peeking through and little eyelashes adorn tiny eyes.

Your baby measures 8 inches in length, about the length of a crisp stalk of celery, and weighs about 1½ pounds. Your baby is now gaining just a little under a half a pound a week.

Where to Deliver Your Baby

As you approach your third trimester, consider where you would like to deliver your baby. As you begin touring various hospitals and centers, ask questions; become educated and informed. Choosing where your baby will be born is one of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy.