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Week 18

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Your baby’s ears protrude from a tiny head as inner ear bones (as well as leg bones) begin to solidify. The skeleton will keep ossifying. Your baby will hear and acknowledge the raucous environment of your uterus, your tummy echoing, blood whizzing through your vessels and the rhythm of your heart beating. Your baby will also become aware of loud noises outside the womb. In this eighteenth week of your gestational journey, your baby is roughly 5½ inches in length, 7 ounces in weight and about the size of a delicious naval orange.

Recheck Estimated Placental Volume (EPV)

EPV will be calculated between now and Week 20. This will ensure the placenta is the correct size to nourish your baby adequately. Please refer back to Week 7 for specific information regarding this very important estimation for your baby. You may download the EPV ResearchKit app, designed by Dr. Kliman and available from the iTunes Store to your iPhone or iPad.

If your healthcare team is concerned about any aspect of your pregnancy and performs an ultrasound at any other time during your pregnancy, please ask the team to repeat the EPV measurement again at that time.

EPV Calculator App

EPV is a ResearchKit app that allows patients to follow the growth of their baby’s placenta (the fetal organ that acts like the roots of a tree, bringing nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the developing fetus). Dr. Harvey Kliman, M.D., Ph.D, a Yale researcher and a member of PAK’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), would like you to join his pregnancy study to monitor your expected baby’s placenta, the organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy to provide your baby nutrients and oxygen.

A Healthy Pregnancy Study

Caring for your baby

A Healthy Pregnancy Study

Key Features of the app

  • Enter the gestational age in weeks and days.
  • Easily enter width, height and thickness of the placenta—calculates EPV immediately using mathematical modeling.
  • EPV result is immediately plotted on a graphical plot. Additional EPV data points are plotted on the same graph so the patient and healthcare providers can see the progress of EPV throughout the pregnancy.

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