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Am I Too Old For That?

As I continue my pre-pregnancy research…something unexpected comes up: VACCINATIONS! What? Aren’t those for babies and children? Well, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the best time to receive vaccinations is before you become pregnant. Gulp!

Vaccinations will help safeguard my body from infection and this protection passes to my baby during pregnancy.

It is encouraged that I have a preconception exam to make sure I am up to date with my “adult” vaccines; I will have to bring a copy of my vaccination record with me.

GOOD NEWS: If I didn’t have this record, a simple blood test lets my health care team know what vaccinations I will need. If I am not current, my doctor will let me know about the requisite vaccines. My health care team may or may not advocate vaccinations during pregnancy.

FYI – Women are generally advised to wait one month following any vaccinations to become pregnant.

This is IMPORTANT: I must thoroughly research any medication or vaccination recommended to me during my pregnancy. If I have any concerns or questions on the possible side effects of any medication or vaccination, I will need to discuss this with my health care team. I can refer to the March of Dimes and the CDC for more information on vaccinations before, during and after pregnancy. Friends, knowledge is power!

I’m off to check my medical/vaccination records and to schedule a preconception exam!

Wish me luck! xox ~Lemon

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