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38 Week Update

I’m 38 weeks pregnant! I made it to term! It’s been a weird month since the last time I updated you. I never felt what I’m feeling now. Baby feels really big and strong. Sometimes it feels like he stretches all his limbs at the same time in my belly. In addition, I successfully finished my progesterone treatment on week 36! My baby boy is still breech, and we have sort of a plan for delivery.

What’s the Plan With a Breech Baby?

All my appointments these past 4 weeks have been in person. It’s good to see my OBGYN, and to hear the baby’s heartbeat once a week. My doctor has also been tracking the amount of amniotic liquid during each visit, and checking if baby has positioned himself for a vaginal birth. He hasn’t. I officially have a breech baby! I didn’t want to try an External Cephalic Version (ECV). I was afraid baby would just have gone back to the position he was in. At first our “plan” was to wait to see if Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) showed up. If it had, I would have had to deliver baby at no more than 37w0d, and we would have tried ECV then. However (it’s good, don’t get me wrong), I didn’t/haven’t developed ICP this time around!

The plan now is to wait. I’m scheduled for a C-section exactly at week 39. My doctor will see then if ECV is possible, and if it is, we’ll try it, and induce. If it isn’t, I’ll have a C-section that day. I have all the feelings! I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and desperate. I’m praying for baby to wait one more week in my belly.

Am I Afraid?

During my first pregnancy I was afraid because I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Now with my second pregnancy, I’m also afraid because I know exactly what to expect. If my water breaks, I need to get to the hospital as soon as I can. Having your water broken with a breech baby would make delivery an emergency. The amniotic liquid comes out faster. When baby is head down, the head usually works as a clog. The baby’s bum is not as effective as the head, so you need to get quickly to the hospital.

Giving Birth During a Pandemic

Things have changed a little bit in Illinois. You are still allowed one support person in the room, but now they can come and go if they need. Logistically it’ll be easier to think husband can come out if necessary, and go back without a problem. My mother in law lives a 2h30m away from home, but she’s “on-call” for when we need her to come take care of our son, Robbie. She comes this weekend to stay with us, and to just be ready for Monday, the 24th of August. Hopefully, baby will wait one more week in the belly. I’m seeing my doctor once more at the clinic this week. Also, this Friday, I have an appointment at the hospital I will deliver at to get a COVID-19 test.

My Hospital Bag Is Ready!

I finally closed the zipper of my hospital bag today! I put in there toiletries, slippers, two gowns, some undershirts and underpants for my husband, baby clothes and a couple swaddles. I also added a ton of snacks (both healthy and unhealthy). I have in there some signs to use for first baby photos, a letterboard, and a reusable cup, and a change of clothes to go back home from the hospital.

Keep your fingers crossed for us to make it to week 39. If you’re the praying kind, keep us in your prayers. It was a pleasure to have shared bits of my second pregnancy with you. Michelle

Thank you so much, Sarah Hosker, for inviting me to be a guest blogger for Project Alive & Kicking.

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Michelle is a Mexican mom of a preemie little monster, Robbie. She is married to her best friend, Robert. They are so happy to be welcoming a little one to their family this summer! Michelle is a plant hoarder, baker, love maker, worrier. Michelle is also a volunteer for ICP Care and for Chicago Public Library. Michelle and her family live in Chicago. Follow Michelle on Instagram @monstruitomom & visit Michelle's blog at

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