Grow Baby Grow

Week 10

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Your baby’s head is now more circular. Teeth buds come into view. As tiny eyelids begin to close to protect developing eyes, your baby’s eyes begin to take on their permanent color. Although most eyes appear blue on delivery day due to incomplete pigmentation, their real color appears later.

Your baby’s neck is now forming. The umbilical cord is well defined; it takes mere seconds for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients to occur between you and your baby. Wharton’s jelly encases the vessels within the cord to protect its structure by keeping it free of kinks. The presence of this jelly secures the flow of precious blood containing the vital oxygen and nutrients necessary for the baby to thrive and survive in your womb. On delivery day, your baby’s umbilical cord will measure 20 – 22 inches in length and approximately 1 inch in thickness. The placenta will tip the scales at approximately 1½ pounds. Presently, the placenta is a mere 1 ounce but this amazing part of your baby’s lifeline will get bigger as your baby grows. So, grow baby grow!