Nicola Swanson

Nicola Swanson - President & Director - Project Alive & Kicking
DesignationPresident, Director OccupationMarketing and Sales Coordinator


Nicola Swanson is a wife, mother, biologist and teacher. She is a Co-founder of Project Alive & Kicking and began her journey with the unimaginable loss of her niece at 37 weeks due to an umbilical cord accident. Her newfound passion is to promote pregnancy education and awareness to mothers with the hope that they will never have to endure the loss that so many women already have.

A graduate of Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, Nicola attained a degree in Biology in 2005.  After finishing her degree, she worked as a quality assurance and control technician for Anheuser Busch, testing and analyzing numerous samples of beer for microbial bacteria and quantitative measurements such as the number of calories, the percent of alcohol, oxygen levels and temperature. Nicola also tested the final product to ensure great quality!

Nicola moved from Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina to become an environmental health manager for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. She inspected public and private wells drilled in the state’s various counties. She also responded to complaints of drinking water and tested it to guarantee its safety.

Wanting to return to the world of biology, Nicola earned a teaching degree in science through a three-year-program called PACE. She then worked for two years at Macedonia Middle School, a Title 1 school in a rural setting where the majority of students are from low-income families. Title 1 schools receive government funding to bridge the gap between at-risk and low-income students with the rest of the student body. Nicola was head of the science department during her second year. She then became a 6th grade science teacher at nearby Westview Middle School until the birth of her first child.

Now as a mother of three, Trent, Maisie and Cade, Nicola has switched gears and is the Marketing and Sales Coordinator for SaltWorks Catering out of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Her new career allows her to work mostly from home but she enjoys meeting new clients and helping cater and set up for private parties and larger events.

Nicola is passionate about cooking and experiments with new and creative ideas in her kitchen. She lives with her family and their adorable chocolate lab, Dutch, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Nicola Swanson with her dog Nicola Swanson Nicola SwansonNicola Swanson