Mark Hosker MD ACEP

Mark Hosker MD ACEP - Director & Medical Advisory Chair at Project Alive & Kicking
DesignationDirector, Medical Advisory Chair OccupationEmergency Room Physician


Mark Hosker is a retired Emergency Room Physician and a board member of Project Alive & Kicking. Mark is committed to do whatever it takes to help the medical community and parents answer the questions about stillbirth for which there are little explanations or answers. He looks forward to increasing the number of medical professionals on the board while reaching out to the entire community with PAK’s message.

In the summer of 2009, Mark was blindsided by the stillbirth of his first granddaughter, Roberta Rae. As a member of the medical field, he was shocked to learn that stillbirth is more common today than ever before. He soon after became a medical advisor to the Star Legacy Foundation, an organization dedicated to stillbirth awareness.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Mark graduated from Liverpool University. He trained in Internal Medicine his first year following graduation, but then moved to the United States to finish his residency and pursued Emergency Medicine instead.

Mark is a car and golf enthusiast. He has played on several famous courses such as St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst and Osprey Point. And he is still waiting for an invitation to Augusta National! Mark is married to Connie and they have four grown children. He is “Gramps” to Jacks, Roberta Rae’s little brother, and Trent, Maisie June and Cade, Roberta Rae’s baby cousins. Mark also has a rescue mix/flat-coated retriever Dash, a rescue brindle Ross, a short-haired black cat Richard and a grey cat with lots of attitude, Victoria.

Mark Hosker MD ACEP Mark Hosker MD ACEP Mark Hosker with Connie Hoskar Mark Hosker playing Golf