Mark Hosker MD ACEP

Mark Hosker
DesignationMedical Advisory Committee Chair, Retired ER Physician


Dr. Mark Hosker is a retired emergency physician who practiced in the greater Atlanta area. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dr. Hosker received his medical degree from the University of Liverpool’s School of Medicine. He trained in Internal Medicine his first year following graduation, but then moved to the United States to finish his residency and pursued Emergency Medicine instead. In the summer of 2009, Dr. Hosker was blindsided by the stillbirth of his first granddaughter, Roberta Rae. As a member of the medical field, he was shocked to learn that stillbirth is more common today than ever.

As chair of Project Alive & Kicking’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), Dr. Hosker is committed to working with the members of the medical community who are researching the areas of antenatal loss. He ultimately wishes to share their research and expertise with health care practitioners caring for expectant moms. Dr. Hosker envisions MAC’s greatest goal to expose pregnant moms to the most current medical advances that promote a healthy pregnancy and delivery day.

Dr. Hosker is confident that a powerful connection will develop between researchers who strive to help ensure that every baby arrives alive & kicking and every mom that travels through her 40-week gestational journey.