Kim Bonds

Kim Bonds
OccupationOperations Manager/Consultant, Medical Practice Owner/CEO of Bonds Creative Group, LLC.


Kim Bonds is an operations and project manager for a healthcare clinic in Gainesville, Florida providing services such as chiropractic care, NAET allergy elimination, nutrition, and massage therapy. Kim also owns Bonds Creative Group, a consulting and marketing company specializing in graphic design, promotional products, print brokering, banners and signage. Her new focus of interest is Healthcare IT and EMR (Electronic Medical Record Software) technologies.

Kim became interested in empowering and educating pregnant moms when her dear friend Connie lost her first granddaughter to stillbirth in 2009. Since then, she has teamed up with Project Alive & Kicking.

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Kim loves college football and is a true Gator fan (she graduated from the University of Florida). She frequently attends games with her friends and family. Kim also enjoys going to the movies and baking. She recently moved back to Gainesville from Atlanta with her 5 year old son Riley whom she hopes will become a big Gator fan! For now they play soccer, baseball, bike together and Kim loves attending his soccer and t-ball games!