James McGregor MDCM

James McGregor MDCM
DesignationResearcher, Retired Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Emailob.mcgregor@gmail.com


Dr. James A. McGregor is a graduate of Dartmouth College and McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine. He has served as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology practicing at UCLA, USC and the University of Colorado Hospital. Dr. McGregor practiced as a fully engaged obstetrician and gynecologist for forty years at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles County, Tucson Medical Center and University of Colorado Hospitals until his retirement in 2010.

Dr. McGregor is an internationally known clinician, researcher, teacher, author, editor, and expert consultant. He is the author of over one hundred published papers, chapters, textbooks, and videos.

He continues to make leading contributions to the areas of infectious disease, Group B Strep disease prevention and prematurity prevention as well as pregnancy/breastfeeding nutrition and optimizing prenatal and early age brain development learning capacity and school preparation. McGregor has also contributed to and supported these notions:

• The circumstances and care of each child can be optimized with planning, applied knowledge, and partnership with families and care providers,
• Many pregnancy complications can be prevented or minimized by prevention, healthy living and public health or community-based strategies,
• Many difficult, rare, or seemingly unsolvable clinical or biological problems can be mitigated by clinical knowledge. The careful researching of the world’s known literature on this knowledge is essential.

Dr. McGregor is a frequent world traveller and speaker who can make personal referrals for patients and families worldwide. He currently volunteers his time and expertise at the University of Colorado Denver in pediatric research.