Operation Due Date

operation-due-dateNewly delivered babies survive and thrive on massive doses of Tender Loving Care. We, at Project Alive & Kicking (PAK) say, “Why wait until delivery day?”

With so many new and exciting changes taking place in your body from week to week, it’s important to keep track of the most important ones. Have you thought about keeping a notebook, iPhone, Android or tablet handy to track your pregnancy-related thoughts and questions? To help you stay organized, and to make sure that you don’t forget any other procedure, test or question for your health care team, print out our Operation Due Date My Empowered Pregnancy Checklist. Keep it in your purse and take it with you from one visit to the next.

In your second trimester, you can begin using our Operation Due Date Mom & Baby Tracking Chart  to keep track of all of your exciting changes. You’ll begin to notice your baby’s little movements. At Week 20, start journaling daily, noting when your baby is busy and active or quiet and asleep. This will enable you to move easily into Movement Counting, which begins at Week 28.


You can use your Pregnancy PUR$E to fund additional ultrasounds around Week 28 and Week 36 if your health insurance doesn’t cover these expenses. These additional ultrasounds examine your baby, amniotic fluid levels, the umbilical cord, placenta and much more!

At Week 28 movement counting begins three times a day until delivery day. If the thought of counting and charting your baby’s movements makes you nervous, remember that it’s the safest way to monitor that your baby is well every day. Studies inform us that being attentive to your baby’s movements and informing your health care team of any changes such as speeding up or slowing down, or changes in sleep-wake cycles, may decrease the likelihood of stillbirth. If you haven’t been using our Operation Due Date Mom & Baby Tracking Chart, now is the perfect time to begin.

With your new proactive mindset, working together with your health care team will now empower you. Tests and results will take on a new meaning. When prenatal information is placed in front of you, you will have a newfound understanding of those details. Seize the moment and seize the data! You are now informed, in the driver’s seat, and your baby’s guardian.